Friday, March 9, 2012

Yesterday I was feeling a bit at sea over some BIG decisions that have to be made (you now, the kind you have to use a calculator for because you'll be spending the BIG bucks) and I was also fairly convinced I was coming down with three or four diseases.

So what did I buy to make myself feel better?

No, not chocolate from French Broad...

Not a nonfat vanilla latte from Starbucks...
This is one of my top three favorite coffee mugs!

Not even a bottle of Melange a Trois...

When it's this serious and decisions have to be made, I follow in my mother's footsteps and buy...
Yes, that is an $.88 price tag on the notebook.  An impulse buy need not break the bank.  :)

There is nothing like a new pen and a new notebook to help things become more clear.  I learned this from my mother.  Isn't she wise and beautiful?

Oh, and I may have been overreacting a bit about the diseases.  Turns out, a person should not ignore a sinus infection for 7-9 weeks.  Weird.

What's your favorite impulse buy?  Did you learn it from your mother?  Leave me a note!

Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. Chocolate, every time! Usually those Lindt truffles at the Michael's checkout, but sometimes a Peppermint Patty (the latter is my mom's favorite).

  2. You are too funny, daughter dear. "Wise and beautiful?!?!?!" I think I'll run to the store and buy a new journal and pen to memorialize those kind words.