Sunday, March 18, 2012

Worth It

Every day I deal with a lot of emotional people...and these emotions are not always positive.  Honestly, my family is prone to tears and outbursts.  My clients are primarily brides who, even at their best, are still going through very emotional times in their lives.  While I feel my job as wife, mom and wedding planner is to weather others' storms, I still look for those special moments when it all feels "worth it".  Here are a few of my favorite "worth it" moments caught on film.
white pear tea at Sensibilities while waiting for a massage
bagpipes (and goose bumps) for a Scottish ceremony at Castle Ladyhawke, photo by Nette Lotz
a bride enjoying her wedding day to the fullest, photo by Visio Photography
my lead designer and I deciding whether or not it was safe to continue with a client's wedding during a hurricane (amazed by God's picture on a canvas of ocean)
my girls

Brady Boy

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  1. Precious "worth it" moments . . . all around us . . . what a blessing to notice and appreciate them.