Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Lists

Good Morning!

7AM found me wishing for an extra hour of sleep.  Another day of work responsibilities seemed insurmountable.  My inner inspiration's quiet voice seemed to be taking a vacation.

This happens often for me, not because I have depression problems or a bad job.  It happens because I am tired.  Each day requires so much physical and mental energy as I try to take care of my family and hold my Company together that I often feel completely exhausted by Wednesday.  Does this ever happen to you, friend?

My dreadfully un-romantic strategy to "keepin' on keepin' on" is list writing.  Something about having a list keeps me moving from one simple step to the next without feeling as overwhelmed.  It also helps keep me focused when I am sorely tempted to use the Pinterest as work excuse, rather than doing real work, or even washing the dishes.  (Of course, Pinterest really is work sometimes, just saying :).

One of my favorite places to keep lists is on my iphone.  This is handy because I don't lose my phone as much as a notebook, and I can delete things as I accomplish them.  I can also keep several lists in one place on that app.  My current lists that I can go to today for the next step are:

Task List (a running list of things I must do for work)
Client Experience
Several client names (actions to take from meetings, site visits, etc)
Blog ideas

Mine look like kind of like this, but in English.  Click on the image for instructions from Dr Drang on how to make your iphone notes "pretty"

I also LOVE the notes app on my iphone for grocery shopping.  It allows me to type out weekly menus and groceries on the same list, then I can easily delete each item I buy at the store so that only the menus are left on the list.  The menu list is very handy because I can find it on my iphone all week!

Evernote is an app that I have downloaded and used to write one note, "Love my husband".  It is supposed to be an amazing tool, allowing me to share my notes with all of my devices and other people.  This would be a great way to handle lists for the Company that any one of the Team could get done.  I could even use it for specific assignments, allowing me to keep everyone in the loop.  Hmmmm.  May have to try that today.

Finally, I love old fashioned pen and paper for lists.  Sure, I often lose the lists before I finish them, but writing things on a piece of paper in my best handwriting feels like I have done something already.   Crumpling them up and throwing them away is also a perfect sensation on the rare times I do actually finish the list.

Sometimes, it is important to add special things to your list for a Wednesday, such as wake up and/or an extra trip to Starbucks for a grande nonfat vanilla latte.  We need a couple of accomplish-able and happy items!

What's your favorite list tool?  Please share it with me in the comments below.

Love, Emily

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  1. Favorite? I would definitely go with the old fashioned pen and paper. I use my ipad and phone, too, but I totally understand the rewarding feeling of writing in "my best handwriting" and I love checking things off the list. Tonight - read Emily's blog . . . check! Good-night.