Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Colors of the Rainbow

This is not a food blog, mostly because I am not a big cook.  However I do TRY to menu plan, grocery shop and prepare healthy meals for my family.  Normally, I enjoy doing this because the methodical process of cooking relaxes me, and sitting down together for dinner, as a family at the table relaxes my family.

Meal planning can be the toughest part, though, because often I run out of groceries/potential meals, before I find time to plan for a new grocery trip.  I have discovered that the grocery store without a plan simply turns into an expensive snack run.  This year when I was in the busiest part of my work season, I found myself at the store with no plan, but a desperate need for a few days worth of meals. So I developed a new personal meal strategy that defies all conventional meal planning wisdom:  color coding.

Yes, that's right, I planned meals with a meat, fruit and vegetable with ONLY ONE COLOR featured.  We may not have had a color balance, but the meals were filling and the substance felt complete.  Imagine something like the following:


roasted salmon

roasted sweet potato
fresh cantaloupe with mint


Fish tacos in a YELLOW corn tortilla, roasted YELLOW corn salsa and fresh pineapple
Don't those sound like fun, delicious and EASY options?

Let's go further!


pesto chicken, roasted brussel sprouts and a green salad


crockpot BBQ, red slaw (red cabbage, red delicious apples, red onions) and watermelon

And the variations in the colors are probably quite endless.  So the next time you need a simple meal solution, try thinking monochromatically and see what creative meals you make.  I would love hear your ideas!


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  1. LOL Can't wait to hear what you do for blue or maybe black. might require grilling.